Hello and welcome!

think i found my calling2.jpg

Cue confetti cannons, balloon drops and fireworks! DUN DUN DA DUUUNNN!!!

Welcome to the start and creation of my blog! Oh my giraffe, isn't this exciting? Well, for me anyway. Hopefully it'll be exciting for you guys too. This blog is going to be dedicated towards my love of fashion, food, and life. I also dedicate this to my friends who pushed me to start blogging in the first place and believing in what I have to offer to the world. Thank you, friends! ♥

So please stay a little while longer and bear with me as we get into the gist of things. And by gist of things, I mean me being such a newbie to this blogging world. Yikes. You guys are seriously intimidating. But anyway, can’t wait to grow and get to know each and everyone one of you! :)